'Maggie has helped me more than any doctor or counsellor I have seen over 40 years. Maggie has healing hands and her Reiki skills are amazing. I would recommend her to anyone who has panic attacks or trauma in their life.'

Janet, Stafford. 22.12.11.

'Maggie has been like a guardian angel sent down to guide me on the earth. Western medicine and numerous counsellors have failed to get me anywhere near to the state of healing and calm that Maggie has. Her skills in Reiki are just so grounding and comforting and her psychological guidance is so insightful. Without Maggie I can guarantee I would still be in the mess that I was when I first called on her for help. So thank you, I feel truly blessed that our paths have crossed.'

Mishyb. Stafford, 3.1.12

'We have been for a reading today (myself and my friend) was very helpful and made me realise things a lot more clearly about what is going on in my life. Thank-you'

Z.M.A. 28.12.11

'Excellent reading came out feeling positive and with more direction.'

Michelle 28.12.11.

'I always look forward to my visits to Maggie. talking to her enables me to understand, accept and begin to come to terms with my own feelings, and her reiki skills give me a much-needed sense of release, reassurance and calm. Also, the sessions are carried out in a relaxed but professional maner with everything explained, so there is no confusion'

Susie 25.2.12

'Thank-you so much for the Aromatherapy course! I've enjoyed it and learnt loads! These wonderful oils have changed my life and added so much more to it. So thank-you for all your time, effort and care..' 

Dinah 20.07.12

 "Maggie always has time for people and will explain what she is doing in a professional manner. I myself feel privileged to know her as she has given me so much strength and helped me to believe in myself."

Jeff 17.08.12

'Maggie was an inspirational teacher; she taught with exuberance, knowledge and experience..'

Julie 25.8.12