Tarot cards are an ancient system of divination. The first Tarot cards actually became our playing cards, and were designed and painted in the 15th century. In those days science was often taught alongside religion and astrology - the scientific approach to knowledge that we have today was in its infancy. Many respected scientists of that time also studied alchemy and magic. This is why Tarot cards contain knowledge on a number of different levels, from the basic doctrine of the four elements to astrological symbolism, numerology, and the Jewish Kabbalah. 

The first Tarot cards were actually used as a teaching aid for children.

Tarot readings work by the principle that all random things are connected (something that science is now beginning to acknowledge) - the cards are picked at random by the reader or the client, but each card will have a unique meaning for the questioner, telling them what it is they need to know. The cards also act as a 'window' through which the reader can sense information useful to the client on a psychic level. Messages may also be recieved from the spirit world, as the cards can act as a channel from the 'other side'.  

Basically, a reading will tell you what will happen if you proceed on your current course of action - this is not set, however - you can change your destiny if you wish. I think of it as the same sort of process as asking a friend for advice, only a very intuitive friend!


Only £25 for a 30 min reading, or £40 for 1 hour

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Private Spirit (Medium) reading with clairvoyance £45 

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