Reiki Training

Training in Reiki will give you the ability to treat a range of conditions for yourself and others. 

It is a very simple technique to learn, and it is something that is achievable by all. This is because the ability is passed on by the teacher to the student by the process of attunement. This is something that is done by the teacher during a Reiki class. Once the student had had the attunement, then they will have the ability to give Reiki. This healing energy is a gift for life - it is an ability that will never be lost. 

Reiki is taught in three stages or levels..

Level 1: For self and family/friends

Level 2: For others/distant healing

Note: Obtaining level 2 will qualify you to practise as a healer

Level 3: Master Practitioner/Teacher

It is recommended that there be a waiting period of 6 months between each level. This is because each attunement cleanses and purifies the auric field of the person recieving it, and it can take a few months for the student's energy levels to adjust. This is a cleansing process and enables the student to become a pure channel for the Reiki energy. 

It is up to the student to decide which level they wish to take their training to. Some may be quite happy to stay at Level 1 or 2, others may wish to deepen their knowledge by becoming a Master Practitioner/Teacher. There is also no maximum limit to the amount of time you may wish to take between levels. 

The choice is up to you!

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