The Way of Magic


The Way of Magic

Many people come in to the shop and ask my advice on a range of magical topics, including spirits, ancient civilizations, practical spell casting, Wicca and paganism, and links to modern science including quantum physics and biocentrism. This is a way of answering a few of these questions, and give directions for further research, with knowledge gleaned from over forty years of experience. It is a real pleasure to be able to share it!

Scheme of Work

Part One

1 Definition: what is magic? ‘New Age’ philosophy. Energy healing. Quantum physics and Biocentrism. Connection with nature.
2 Early beginnings. Shamanism and plant healing. Ancestor worship.
3 Magic in ancient civilizations: Ancient Egypt. The link between physical and magical healing. Astrology and magic. The importance of vibration and sound.
4 Greece and Rome. Ancient spells and spell-casting. Dream divination. The process of initiation: Dionysus and Mithras. Pythagoras and numerology.
5 Hermes Trismagistus and the Emerald Tablets. The birth of English Magic.
6 The Renaissance, Georgian England and the growth of nature cults.
7 The secret societies: The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons.
8 Gerald Gardner and the birth of Wicca. Dion Fortune and Doreen Valiente.
9 Magic in modern times: Use and application. How valuable is it?
10 Review of course. What have we learned?

Part Two

1 Expanding psychic awareness: Chakras, energies, positive and negative energies
2 Psychic protection: method, banishing techniques
3 Divination – theories and methods.
4 Dream magic and out-of-body experiences
5 Sigils, talismans and amulets
6 Astrology and magical correspondences
7 The different vibrations of numbers
8 Magical herbs and essential oils
9 Spell casting: techniques and approaches
10 Review of course. What have we learned?