The Mysteries of the Tarot (Advanced Practitioner)

The Tarot is more than just a system of divination - it has also been used for centuries as a tool in the process of self-enlightenment and developing the soul. Created at a time when many of the disciplines that we would see as occult or esoteric were actually part of natural science, the Tarot contains knoiwledge of all of these systems, some 'hidden in plain sight' to prevent persecution from established religion. 

This 10 week course will introduce you to these links and also give depth and focus to your readings. It will also introduce you to a method of looking at the cards that will help in your own self-development. 

Subjects to be covered include:

* Introduction. Course outline. Background to Tarot. 
* Tarot and archetypes. Exercise. The story of the trumps and personal psychology.
* Tarot, numerology and the Kaballah.
* Tarot and links to astrology.
* Tarot and ritual magic. The origins of pathworking.
* Purifying the soul. The connection to alchemy. 

Place: Hart Magical Gifts

Cost: £150 or £15/session