Crystals for personal power and healing

Crystals for personal power and healing

A fascinating 10 week course designed to introduce you to the benefits of working with crystals. You will learn how to use crystal energy to enhance your life, improve your psychic and healing powers, and manifest your desires. You will also learn how crystals link with the chakra system and colour therapy. All for £150! (This can be paid in full at the start of the course or £15 each week if you prefer).

Course outline

1) Introduction to course. Choosing your crystals. Background: formation, structure. Crystal energy shapes and forms. Crystal storage.
2) Crystal types and characteristics (introduction). Relationship to chakra theory and colour therapy. Cleansing and clearing crystals.
3) Self-preparation. Crystals to enhance psychic and healing powers.
4) Programming crystals. Channelling emotional states. Letting go of thoughts and desires.
5) Self-protection with crystals. Taking care of you. Chakra exercises.
6) Manifesting your desires. Links to Law of Attraction.
7) The mental body, visualization, and thought form projection with crystals.
8) Healing: grids, techniques. Crystals and the aura. Gem remedies.
9) Divination and crystals: crystal gazing and crystal ball reading.
10) Review of course. Feedback and assessment. Certificate of attendance.

Place: Hart Magical Gifts

Cost: £150 or £15/session