Connecting with the Divine Feminine: the route to female empowerment



A short course aimed at anyone who has been accused of being ‘too sensitive’, is becoming more psychically aware, or is suffering from the increased negative pressure from our modern world.   

  This course will teach you:
 How to benefit from your own sensitivity
 How to strengthen your confidence and self belief
 Techniques to deal with negative people and situations
 What spiritual and earth energies are


Place: Hart Magical Gifts 

 10 x 1.5 hr classes. 

£150 or £15/session  

Scheme of Work   


  1. Strengthening you. Physical and emotional health. The causes of dis-ease. Connecting with your true needs.
  2. Gaining peace of mind. Transforming inner negativity. Overcoming depression.    
  3. Types of negative people. Personalities, psychology and motivations.
  4. How to recognise and deal with negative people. Outline of techniques. Dealing with others’ opinions and negative thought projections.
  5. Geography and environment. Spirit and earth energies and how they can affect you. Removing negative energy. Techniques of cleansing.
  6. Transforming difficult situations. Types, causes and solutions. Learning and moving on.
  7. Defending your space. Home and work space. Maintaining and strengthening boundaries, physical, emotional and spiritual. Magical tools: crystals, amulets, incense. 
  8. The advantages of being sensitive, whether psychically, emotionally or spiritually. Making it work for you. Techniques to make the most of your intuition.
  9. Undoing negative patterns of behaviour. Reasons for these and techniques for change. Positive coping mechanisms.
  10. Summary: what have we learned? Positive benefits of female empowerment. How  defending yourself can make you stronger. Transforming the shadow. Feedback and discussion. Certificate of attendance.