Part-time and Evening classes

Courses offered include VTCT Certified Practitioner courses in therapies and assessment; as well as a range of training courses in Tarot, Essential Oils, Crystals and the story and development of magical traditions. These courses can also be taught on a one-to-one basis and adapted to suit your own personal needs, so do get in touch if you would like to discuss your own needs!

Learning materials are included in the course fees, and will be sent weekly via email, Whats App or Messenger. 

See below for a brief outline of the courses offered; and also check out the tabs on the left for more information.

To enrol on the practitioner courses: just use the contact form in this website, email Maggie on, or call Maggie on 07825285688

Other courses are booked individually on a one-to-one basis - please use the link provided or contact Maggie on 0782 5285688

Payment can be made by cash or card in Hart Magical Gifts, via paypal via the above email address, or BACS (bank details given on application). Payment can be made for the whole course or via weekly or monthly installments. A deposit is needed on some courses to secure a place - see details below. 





 VTCT Level 3 Aromatherapy Practitioner/Level 3 Reflexology Practitioner/ Certificate in Swedish Massage

These are 12 month courses that will qualify you to practice as an aromatherapist or reflexologist. Subjects covered include client care, health & safety, techniques of massage; and how to start and run your own business. These qualifications will enable you to obtain practitioner insurance, and are equivalent to an A level (mapped to national standards).  

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 Introduction to Tarot  

Anyone can learn to read Tarot cards - it is just a question of confidence. We all have inbuilt intuition, which we use all the time, sometimes unconsciously. This course will teach you how to tap into that intuition more effectively, by learning to read the cards to help yourself and others. There will also be opportunities to do readings within the group, in a friendly and supportive environment. Taught by a very experienced practitioner who has been reading cards and studying their wonderful esoteric background for more than 40 years. 

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The Mysteries of the Tarot (Advanced Practitioner)

This is a course which is aimed at existing Tarot readers who wish to learn about its connection to ancient esoteric knowlege, including its links to the Kabbala, astrology, numerology and ritual magic.  We will be looking at how the Tarot has been used as a way to spiritual enlightenment, from the way that the Ancient Greeks used similar images in their initiatory rites to its use by the Golden Dawn in more recent times and beyond. There will also be opportunities to practice doing readings in a friendly and supportive environment. 

This is a fascinating course which will add depth to your readings and give you an introduction to a wide range of magical traditions dating back to the dawn of time.

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Essential Oils for Health and Well-Being

Essential oils are wonderful as a natural aid to health and vitality. Ever wondered how to use essential oils effectively? This course will teach you how to use and blend oils to make beauty creams, recipes for health and even how to help with cleaning! This course also includes new information on the use of oils in pregnancy and birth, and an update on how to use blends to help with skin conditions such as psioris and acne.

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Some oils and a box will be required for the blending course, plus base creams/oils and a pot for blending (can be
purchased from Hart Magical Gifts)






Crystals for personal power and healing

A fascinating 10 week course designed to introduce you to the benefits of working with crystals. You will learn how to use crystal energy to enhance your life, improve your psychic and healing powers, and manifest your desires. You will also learn how crystals link with the chakra system and colour therapy. 

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The Way of Magic

This course will introduce you to the concept of magic as spiritual energy, and will show you the links between magic and spiritual beliefs dating back to its very beginnings in shamanism, plant lore, and ancient astrology. You will learn about magic in Greece, Rome, and Egypt, and how these systems have been taken up and developed by more recent magical traditions, including secret societies such as the Hermetic Society of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucians. You will also learn about the modern Wiccan religion and its early development. This will be followed by an introduction to practical magical techniques such as dream magic, sigils, spells and numerology. 

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Connecting with the Moon: A course of meditations for inner balance

Based on the book 'Taming the Wolf' by Steve Hounsome, this is a  12 month course of study aimed at increasing your ability to work with the differing energies of the Moon's phases to increase your sense of harmony within. Each month we will look at how the signs of the zodiac link with that particular full moon, explore the differing energies of the waxing and waning Moon and how we are affected by those as individuals. Each session includes a guided meditation for relaxation and personal growth.

This is a blended learning session i.e. learners may attend in person or virtually via Zoom. Sessions are socially distant where possible and learners may be asked to wear a mask. Sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend. 

Cost: £20/1.5hr session (weekly at days/times to suit you)

Place: The Tudor House Holistic Centre







Tarot & the Mysteries
Based on my forthcoming book, this is an exciting glimpse into the past, encompassing the history of Tarot and learning about its secret links with the Mystery Traditions of the Ancient World. Lessons include guided meditations on each of the cards of the Major Arcana, for connection & spiritual balance, using the magical traditions for source material.
Includes light refreshments.

Cost: £20/1.5hr session (weekly at days/times to suit you)