Hot Stone Massage


What is Hot Stone Massage?

This type of massage is a wonderful healing therapy using the properties of heat and pressure to detoxify and treat the skin and muscles. Evidence has been found that dates it back to at least 3000 years ago! It is believed that ancient civilizations used hot stones to soothe and cleanse the mind and body, relax the heart and ground the soul. The stones themselves were probably believed to have healing properties, which is why we use natural river-moulded basalt stones for this treatment. Basalt is extrusive; this means that it has been formed during a volcanic eruption when the molten lava has cooled. It is also exceptionally good for aquiring, holding and emanationg a soothing and consistent heat for long periods of time, due to its unique composition including the heavy elemnets such as iron and magnesium. 

Hot stones are used for healing by Native Americans in the south-west states, and this therapy is said to originate in China and Ancient India. Healing rituals and traditions included: using stones in sweat lodges, in medicine wheel ceremonies, wearing stones for protection and health and for the diagnosis of disease, and laying stones in patterns on the body. These uses have much in common with crystal healing. Our hot stone massage offers extra benefits by using the stones themselves as a massage tool, thus utilizing the benefits of massage and the application of heat to treat a range of problems.

The use of hot stones in this way enables the therapist to work into the deeper layer of muscles, while enabling the skin to absorb therapeutic and moisturizing oils.

The benefits of hot stone massage include:

Costs £50 for 1 hour treatment.

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